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"A new regional Appaloosa horse club was formed in Rapid City, South Dakota, on September 24, 1960. Named The Center of the Nation, the C.O.N., the club will cover South Dakota and surrounding areas."  .... Excerpt from 50 Years of the Appaloosa Horse, by Edith Stanger.

There are currently approximately 130 regional appaloosa horse clubs nationwide. Regional clubs are local clubs across the nation that are officially recognized representatives of the Appaloosa Horse Club. They are groups of people who join together from a common interest in the Appaloosa horses. Activities range from sponsoring horse shows, horse races, trail rides or other competitions to educational and social events for the whole family.


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Volumes 3 - 15 of the Appaloosa Horse Club Stud Book and Registry. All volumes are readable and in good to average shape.  Some more worn than others.  Binding varies from self bound to plastic ring binding.  Volume 3 has been placed in a notebook.

These books were donated to the Center of the Nation Appaloosa Club from Barb Keenan.  The Club has chosen to sell them to someone who can use the information or just wants it.  Money will be used for Club projects.


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